Hello, friends of Windoom!

A few of us former Windoomers wanted to check out some of the newer Minecraft features, and we've set up a Minecraft 1.9 server to do just that. We also wanted to play a little Feed The Beast. See more details on the usual Windoom Enjin site below.


→ Windoom SMP Enjin Site

MC 1.9 Server:


Feed The Beast Server:


Note: To play on the FTB server, you must download the Infinity Evolved pack version 2.3.5 for Minecraft version 1.7.10.

Servers are hosted by EliteSandwich, and are run by CoolGamrSMS and Archer6621.

Disclaimer: These servers are NOT a replacement of Windoom, which is run by o0AzzA0o. These are a temporary place to play while Azza is off doing other things. If he brings a server back online, or if he objects to these servers running, we will respect his wishes and shut these servers down.